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Goodbye Centralization, Hello DEX

The dlux DEX (Decentralized Exchange) offers no information asymetry or central control

DLUX has pioneered a method to cooperate via HIVE and provide liquidity while being decentralized in every sense of the word: Open source and self-incentivizing, holding it's own keys collectively between it's users.

What to expect

Trades are atomic swaps, meaning these are smart contracts holding crypto that you can buy for exactly the listed price. This exchange will over collateralize escrow transactions and pay for these transactions upon completion from an inflationary source.

Preventing double spend

The last irreversible block is used to verify transactions. That means your account may not be credited with Hive until 2-3 minutes from purchase time. Trust metrics will be maintained, fees and minimums may be enforced by some nodes depending on volume conditions. Choose which accounts you entrust with your escrow transactions.

The DLUX node network

Achieve consensus for more than just dlux token balances. Using nodes as oracles, concensus is maintained for any outside data as well. The most trusted nodes are elected to hold some owner authority over community controlled accounts, allowing them to provide services like Account Creation Tokens, or IPFS content pinning.





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DLUX Initial Community Offering

Donate Hive to @robotolux.

Every 25.2 hours 100,000 DLUX Tokens are placed in a daily offering pool and priced according to the previous round. Donating funds to @robotolux automatically distributes DLUX tokens, if more Hive is recieved than DLUX availible some DLUX from the following days offering is set aside for an auction. Distribution of this pool will occur evenly to all aditional HIVE recieved. This continues until 100,000,000 DLUX has been issued which will take more than 3 years. Round 1 starts when round 0 is below 100,000 DLUX remaining.

Current Round DLUX Offering: 1.000 DLUX for 1.000 HIVE






1.000 HIVE


Balance: 0 DLUX





1.000 HIVE

Delegate Hive Power (HP) to @dlux-io and earn DLUX daily.

See the latest post from @dlux-io for current information.


Balance: 0 HP

Why so long?

The hardest thing about decentralized systems is properly distributing them. Hive is a large crypto community but a tiny global community. We hope this distribution method will enable many more people to take part.

Non-ICO inflation

Soon these tokens will be recieved by a "multi-signature" account that's operated collective by DLUX node runners. Due to the way node security works here, Hive funds held in excess of a safe amount will automatically be used to purchase the lowest Price DEX orders, raising the collateral held and there fore the security margins. The Standard source of inflation remains constant with currently issued tokens. And after 100,000,000 total tokens has been issued by any means will remain the only source of inflation.

Pricing Feedback

If the daily pool sells out: the time it took is used to raise the following days price. If the daily offering fails to sell out: how much remains will be used to calculate the next offerings price. If there isn't enough tokens being purchased here, the price of these tokens have a set floor so you won't have to compete with an out of control inflation mechanism on the DEX.